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Hi, I'm Riya

Life & Abundance Mindset Coach

Hi, I am Riya, a life & Abundance Mindset Coach and founder of the ultimate life designer, and I am on a mission to help 1 million people design an abundant life through self-awareness & manifestation.

Most People get into depression, poverty, and health issues because they are not self-aware and they don’t know their self-worth and the power of manifestation, through manifestation as a tool, one can enhance the quality of their life. It will automatically impact every area of their life, their health, their wealth, their relationship, and their connection with themselves in spirituality and that’s why it is very important to understand the power of self-awareness and manifestation.

In the past, I lived a life, where I was Depressed, have no money, and had all time I overthought, and stay anxious, the relationship was not good, my self-esteem was so low, health issues, and did not have any clarity about my life. Because I went through all, and overcome all, and found the reason why all that was happening, so now I am on a mission to help 1 million people design an abundant life through Self Awareness & manifestation.


"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it."

-Hery Ford
My Journey

Many Twist & Turns

It was the year 2020, and I was not satisfied with the life I was living. I had no money, was constantly worried, and had a tendency to overthink. I was shy, afraid, and had low self-esteem and poor health. I had no enthusiasm for life and felt burnt out. My daughter was about to turn one, and as a child, I experienced tough financial times with my family. Growing up, I was not a healthy and confident girl, and I always wanted to give my baby a secure, happy, healthy, and financially stable life. But when my baby was born, I had no money and was struggling to make ends meet. I was also unhealthy and unhappy, but I didn’t realize how I had reached that point.

But one day, everything changed. I stumbled upon an audiobook, “The Power of the Subconscious Mind,” and it helped me understand why my life was the way it was. I still didn’t know how to improve myself or my life, so I started researching and learning more. I listened to videos, read books, and took personal development workshops. Through all this learning, I discovered the importance of certain key principles that, if understood and applied, can easily lead to an abundant life. I am now using these principles to design my life the way I want it to be.

I wish I had known all of this before, as it would have made my life completely different. But now that I do, I am on the way to creating the life I have always dreamed of.

Now with key principles that I learned during this period, I designed a 6- Step formula to design an abundant life. After learning this formula anyone can design Abundant Life for Themselves with zero level.


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life coach riya

Unlock Your Dreams

We all have the potential to fulfill our every dream, but because of some limiting beliefs, and a lack of right knowledge, we struggle in life. But with the right mindset & right knowledge, you can increase your self-worth to the next level and design the life of your dreams in a very less time. Don’t waste your time as life is short & precious. Don’t delay your transformation, you can be a totally different person in no time. Join me today. To your success-“Life Coach Riya”